School Bank

School Bank 2016 / 2017

With the Summer holidays on the near horizon, we hope all our students will find that the money they put aside for a sunny day will be put to good use. 

Last September our TYs teamed up with Bank Of Ireland to open the ‘St Munchin’s Branch’. Operating at lunchtime on Thursdays the Bank invited students to open accounts and start themselves on the first rung of the savings and investments ladder. Manager Cian Davis ran a tight ship with help from an energetic team and insights from B of I Student Officer, Ms. Yvonne Quilter.  Business teacher Emma Behan was on hand to offer some light touch regulation.

The upshot of all this effort was over one hundred new accounts which entitled us to avail of the Bank’s gift-  a new iPad. Each new bank account holder found himself in the draw and the lucky winner was Luke Kelly from 3rd year. Well done.

But there was more. Cian and his banking team through their industry saw 113 new accounts opened and  earned 1000 euro for St Munchins. “We are grateful to Yvonne and  Bank Of Ireland” said Cian at the recent TY Awards evening. “I’m sure the school will make good use of their generous financial gift but also we have all learned so much about banking, marketing, functioning under pressure, dealing with customers, growing a customer base, working together and taking initiative.”

Now if you are one of those clever savers who started putting by a few bob each week back in September,enjoy your Summer.

Below is the text of an email sent by Yvonne and Orla of Bank of Ireland to our school bank team (Well done lads on a very successful year).

Hi Team,
Congratulations on completing an excellent year with the Bank of Ireland Schools Programme.  Last September you applied to be part of this programme which included opening a school bank every Thursday for 12 weeks at lunch time, opening new accounts, taking in lodgements and most of all being consistent and knowledgeable.  You also completed a marketing strategy promoting the benefits of student accounts to your colleagues during classroom presentations and teaching online banking under the marvelous leadership of Ms Behan.
On behalf of Orla, Ruth, myself and Bank of Ireland I would like to thank you and Ms Behan for  your dedication, hard work and your pleasant friendship shown to us during the year. I must say you were a pleasure to work with and your school can be proud of you all, I totally enjoyed the journey!
I am also delighted to announce that your School Bank earned €1000 for your School and an iPad to be raffled amongst your 113 new customer (Winner Luke Kelly, 3rd Year – pictured above with Mr Quilter & Ms Behan).
I have requested that you as a group be rewarded for your hard work early next season with our sponsorship and marketing section and look forward to confirming same with you.
Have a great summer.
Yvonne & Orla
Bank of Ireland