Subject Summary

Technology education enables students to develop their knowledge and skills and to apply these through suitable tasks, using a design process, to devise solutions to problems. Students apply their knowledge and skills creatively in a design-based approach to solving everyday technological problems, mindful of the impact on natural resources and on the environment.

Pupils will gain an understanding and appreciation of design and the design process. They will also use the tools and equipment necessary to complete projects in a safe manner. Pupils will be able to identify different materials, their properties and how best to work with these materials, i.e. wood, metals and plastics as well as using electronic components to build simple circuits for use in tasks and projects e.g.running mechanical toys.

Technology will help pupils to solve many technological problems they may experience in their every day life. This subject teaches them to think about a problem and then use their knowledge and skills to design a solution to that problem. Technology gives pupils an insight into many areas for further study whether it be Civil, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering. Technology also facilitates pupils to use Computer Programming Software to run simple projects.

Technology has links with many subjects available in St. Munchin’s College. It is closely linked with Technical Graphics/DCG through the use of sketching/working drawings. Technology also has links with Science and Maths.

Leaving Certificate Technology follows on from Junior Certificate Technology. It builds on many of the topics covered in junior cycle and deals with them in a much more detailed way.

Junior Certificate Technology and Leaving Certificate Technology are assessed at two levels, Ordinary level and Higher level, by means of a written examination and a student project. At Ordinary Level the Written Exam/Project is split 60%/40%, while higher level is split 50%/50%.


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