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Subject Summary

Junior Cert Business Studies branches off into 3 separate subjects for the Leaving Cert. They are Economics, Accounting and Business.

Business is very much a theory based subject (no Book-Keeping, Budgets, Form filling etc). It consists of factual information that requires learning. It is not a requirement to have studied Junior Cert Business Studies but it is beneficial as there are a number of topics common to both.

The Ordinary level and Higher level courses follow a common syllabus and all Business students are encouraged to take the subject at Higher Level when they start in 5th Year regardless of the level taken for the Junior Cert.

The students are required to recall and demonstrate an understanding of the course material. In addition, Higher level students are expected to apply their knowledge to business situations, analyse information and give their reasoned opinion in the form of evaluations.

Unit 1

People in Business

Consumer Conflict

Industrial Relations Conflict

Unit 2


Unit 3

Management Skills (Leadership & Motivation)

Management Skills (Communications)

Management Activities (Planning, Organising and Control)

Unit 4

Human Resource Management

Changing Role of Management

Monitoring a Business (Ratio analysis)




Unit 5

Identifying Business Ideas

Business Start-up


Business Expansion

Unit 6

Types of Business Organisations

Categories of Industry

Business, the Economy and Government

Community Development

Business Ethics and Social Responsibilities

Unit 7

International Trade

European Union

Global Business

  • Each Unit relates to a Long Question.
  • The ABQ comes from 3 Units
  • Short Questions from across the 7 units.

Business is assessed by means of a written exam at the end of the 2 year course:

Higher level – 1 Paper, 3 Hour Exam

Section 1 – Short Questions – Do 8 from 10                   (20%)

Section 2 – Applies Business Question                           (20%)

Section 3 – Long Questions – Do 4 questions from 7    (15% each)

(The Applied Business Question, ABQ, is a Business Case Study where a student is required to apply their knowledge and link their answer to the Case Study)

Ordinary level – 1 Paper, 2 hours 30 mins

Section 1 – Short Questions – Do 10 from 15                (25%)

Section 2 – Long Questions – Do 4 questions from 8   (75%)

Business Teachers

Mr C Barrett
Ms O Hayes
Mr A Coleman
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