Weekly Bulletin November 6th

Good afternoon Parents/ Guardians. We hope that you are all keeping safe and well. Once again some updates on what is and will be happening in our school over the coming days.

1) Early Finish on Monday (November 9th)

All students will finish at 2:20pm next Monday (November 9th) as per school calendar. This early finish is taking place to facilitate a scheduled staff meeting. After school study will take place as usual, from 2:30pm to 4:30pm.

2) Congratulations to last year’s 3rd Year Students 

Last year’s 3rd year students today received their School Based Certificate stating the results that they achieved in each of their subjects at Junior Cycle level. As we all know, the boys did not sit an official Junior Cycle Examination and the certificate that the boys received is strictly a school based certificate.  As a school however, we wanted to acknowledge the diligent and conscientious work that the majority of our third year boys invested in their academics over a three year period. The last academic year was a difficult one, particularly for exam students, when you consider the ambiguity that surrounded the exams. We wanted to ensure that the hard work undertaken by the boys, was acknowledged and appraised, and one way of doing that, in our opinion,  was issuing them with a School Profile of Achievement. The boys, as promised, were free to go home once they had received their cert (our way of rewarding them!!). This is a big day for the boys and for their parents, and marks a milestone in their academic journey. Thank you to our colleagues, the boy’s teachers who worked so hard with this group. It was a difficult year for all , but as always, they had a group of fantastic teachers working with and encouraging them every step of the way. All parents, we know, are immensely grateful to our teachers for the work, dedication, extra classes, concern and care that they so willingly show towards the boys daily. As parents, we do not take this for granted as we are well aware that this level of care and concern shown by teachers towards their students is unique to SMC!!!!  Given the current restrictions, there is little that each family can do to mark the achievement of completing the Junior Cycle, however just celebrating the boy’s completion of their three year course, as a family, will be a nice way to mark the occasion.  Well done to the boys on their fantastic achievement!! We are all very proud of you!!

3) Formative Assessments/ November Assessments Dates (3rd & 6th Years) Christmas Test Dates for 1st, 2nd & 5th Years. 

Formative Assessments for 1st, 2nd & 5th years will be issued through VS ware on Monday (9th November). As usual, an e mail will be sent from the school to alert parents to the fact that the reports are available to view and print .

Please find attached a copy of 3rd and 6th year November Assessment Timetables

3rd Year November Assessments : Friday 20th to Tuesday 24th November inclusive- 9 exams of 1 hour duration to take place in the College Sport’s Hall (3 exams each day)

6th Year November Assessments : Wednesday 25th to Friday 27th November inclusive- 7 exams of 1 hour duration to take place in the College Sport’s Hall (2 /3/2 exams on Wed/Thurs/Fri )respectively)

Results of the above Assessments will be available to view and print from VS ware on Monday 7th December. 

Christmas Exams for 1st Years, 2nd Years and 5th Years 

1st Year Christmas Exams : Monday 14th to Wednesday 16th December inclusive- 7 exams of 1 hour 10 minutes duration to take place in the College Sport’s Hall

2nd & 5th Year Christmas Exams : Thursday 17th to Tuesday 22nd December inclusive- 9 & 7 exams respectively of 1 hour 10 minutes and 1.5 hours duration to take place in the College Sport’s Hall, the Assembly Hall & College Canteen.

4) School Jackets

The school jackets that were ordered in October have now arrived. Mr. Nelligan will distribute these jackets on Monday (November 9th). Over the past week we have had a high demand for the purchase of school jackets. We have all sizes in stock now. If any student, needs to purchase a jacket can they please bring in the money on Monday and they will receive their jacket immediately (cost €55). It is essential that students put their names on their jackets.

5) Tackle Your Feelings Programme (TY Students)

Out TY students will be participating, over the coming weeks,  in the Tackle Your Feelings initiative. This is a mental wellbeing campaign that has seen some of Ireland’s most notable rugby players leading from the front since 2016.

St. Munchin’s College has been selected as a pilot school to run this campaign which is a great honour. We are one of 16 schools throughout the country that have been invited to sample the programme which has been specifically designed to serve as an introduction to mental wellbeing in the classroom.
Led by their teachers Ms Behan and Ms Maxwell, students will be guided through a series of tasks that will serve to develop their knowledge of self-awareness, self-care and their emotions, while encouraging them to take control of their mental wellbeing.
We have attached an information flyer about the programme for your perusal.

6) Absence Notes submitted through Teams

It is essential that all absences are accounted for by submitting a note from a parent. This year to avoid parents, students and teachers handling notes, we have asked all class tutors to set up a Team on Microsoft Teams for their tutor group. If your son is absent for any reason, then you are asked to fill in the absence note at the back of your son’s journal ( pink note). Your son will then take a photo of this note and send it to his tutor through Teams. In this way we have a record of all absence notes. This is essential from the point of view of our returns to Tusla, returns which we are obliged to make three times per year. If we can show that absences are explained (by receiving a note from a parent) then Tusla will be satisfied with that. A problem arises when absences are unexplained (i.e. no note is produced).

7) Latest Edition of “SMC” Express

The latest edition of the “SMC Express” has now been published. Please click on the link below to view this month’s edition.  The “SMC Express” is our school newspaper written and published by Mr. Thomas O’ Connell’s TY Journalism students. Here you will find a plethora of interesting articles covering a wide range of topics to suit all. From sport to current affairs and movies to reviews, the “SMC Express” has it all!!!!. We hope you enjoy reading the creative articles published by our dedicated squad of young journalists. If you have any queries or your son wishes to get involved, please e-mail Mr. O’Connell at toconnell@stmunchinscollege.ie or alternatively contact our PR officer Sean Keane at 17KeaneS@stmunchinscollege.ie. Well done to all contributors to this month’s edition.

Have a lovely weekend,
Kind regards,
David Quilter   Lorraine Shiels