School Bus – Apply now!

Hi all, 

The registration for the school bus transport is open!

Click here

Registration closes on Friday 28th April. 

There are fees for the bus but they are drastically reduced than previously: €75 per child with a max of €125 per family ( 2 or more children attending school). Children who have medical cards do not have to pay but still need to register. 

There are some conditions – a big one being you must live more than 4.8km from the school. 

Think about the cost benifit – €75 for one child for 166 school days a year = €0.45 a day = 22.5c for each trip to/from school! 

This is half the cost of fuel driving a car 7km (e.g. from Clonlara). You can work this out using the following link Click Here

Kind Regards, 

The Green Schools Committee