“What Parents Need to know about Vaping” Webinar

Dear Parents. As you are aware, we are currently undertaking alot of work in the school in relation to educating our boys on the dangers of vaping. Vaping is a huge issue in most schools, globally, particularly within the teenage cohort, however, vaping for some students starts as a early as primary school. We need your help , as parents, to speak to the boys about the damge that vaping is doing to their health and to support them if they express a desire to “quit”. Please see below the link to a very informative webinar on “What parents need to know about vaping”. 

We will all need to work together, as parents and as a school, in order to help and support our boys to educate themselves on the dangers of vaping. 

Thank you, as always, for your help and support.

David Quilter     Lorraine Shiels 



Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and the Health Service Executive are working together to bring parents/guardians an informative webinar on “What parents need to know about Vaping”. This webinar will take place on Monday, 27th November 2023 from 8pm to 9pm. Register at this link: Click here to register for webinar

This webinar will be hosted by Limerick and Clare Education and Training Board and the HSE.
Vaping, or using E-cigarettes have been identified as harmful to children and young people. The research increasingly shows that more and more young people are drawn to vaping and smoking e-cigarettes over traditional cigarettes. This one hour seminar aims to create parental awareness of the harms of vaping. In the seminar we will explore: what are vapes/e-cigarettes? What is contained in an e-cigarette? What impact does “vaping” have on the adolescent body? Finally we explore some tips for parents in communicating with their young person about the dangers of vaping.