Talent Show 2016

It has been a busy week and our part time journalists have been unable to keep up with events especially as they are trying to fatten the pig before the Leaving Cert fair. So we will hopefully use the luxury of the weekend to do a bit of catch up.

The big ticket item on Monday was our annual Talent Show with ASM. There were seventeen acts with eleven coming from Munchins. The evening kicked of with ‘Wonderwall’. Adam Murphy saying ‘goodbye’ after so many memorable performances on these boards kicked off proceedings with an E minor seventh, Jac Gorey who was keeping things going smoothly backstage sang the first word ( ‘Today…’) and then all the performers joined in. It only took a moment before they were followed by the audience and we knew we were sailing on a strange boat, blown by a strange wind heading towards an archipelago of surprises.
First up was Darragh Noonan who got us going with a couple of jigs and reels on his accordion. He wasn’t the only trad man on the night with Alex showing what he could do on his banjo later on. There were opportunities for the crowd to get off their seats as our brave first years togged out in shorts and shades got the place rocking with Avici’s ‘The Nights’ before the JCT in full battle dress gave a Tour de Force rendition of ‘Always Look on the Bright Side of Life’. Last year’s runner up Big Pa was back for the C and W aficionados, this time singing the  ‘Coward of the County’. It wasn’t all singing and rockin’. Kacper did some thing called beat-boxing which transported us to a dozen musical environments. Jordan x 2, Jack and Matthew had everyone laughing with their sitcom sketch and Adam and Charlie kept the SCT flag flying with Mr. Murnane’s interpretation of ‘D’unbelievables’. It should be pointed out that any similarity to the Principal and Deputy Principal is purely accidental. Harold’s took his final bow with a superb piece of heavy metal guitar playing with all the necessary fretwork and head banging. Clearly the judges aren’t metal-heads or he surely would have been on the podium at the end. The show has lost a great Diva and it will be sad never to see Adam Murphy and Luke McPhilemy again with their drum box and guitar.
There has to be a name on the Cup and this year after three years trying it fell to the personification of modesty, Ronan Calvert who sang and played his own tune’ Fallen’. A musical treat. A big Congrats to him and all who took part.
One  final note about the unsung heroes the back stage crew. The well oiled machine was kept from implosion by the ever present Ms Behan assisted by Jack and Gary. Luke was on hand to solve problems as he has been for the previous five years and his absence next year will be sorely missed.
No description of the night would be complete without mentioning what happened when the judges retired. Hyperbole cannot capture the impact of Mr. McMahon on the public as he outdid ‘Blondie’ and ‘One Direction’ dressed as everyone’s favourite science teacher Heisenberg. And for those of us with long memories who can remember Ms O Donoghue’s big gamble with the first Talent Show in 2006 we were treated to the Show’s inaugural winner, Alan Murnane crooning some boy band number. Alan has gone from student to teacher but his voice is still as pure as it was all those years ago and his skin as wrinkle free.
A great night and applause for all but most of all for the Impressaria herself Ms. O’Donoghue who made it all happen.

Lyrics & Music by Ronan Calvert
Fallen man
All alone
Halfway there
Yet so far from home
Have you ever been afraid
To stray fairly far away
Far from your house?
Well just leave it out.
It’s there for the taking but you won’t take it.
It’s so painstaking, you’d never make a king
Of anything.
It’s either there by virtue or good fortune.
I can’t see through you, no I don’t have a clue.
But do you?
Have you ever been afraid
To stray fairly far away
Far from your house?
Well just leave it out.
See i’m as happy as I should be
In my dreams. I need a second of glory
But once I have some,
I will dance on
Your world of endless sarcasm
Have you ever been afraid
To stray all too far away
Far from your house?
Well just leave it out.
Just leave it out.