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Subject Summary

The teachers of German in St Munchin’s College have three long term goals when teaching their students:

basic communicative proficiency

language awareness and

cultural awareness

In order to attain these goals from First Year to Sixth Year we use an integrated approach to the teaching of German by using the target language in the classroom as much as possible, by operating a communicative methodology, using lots of variety of tasks within class in order to stimulate our pupils interest in German, by equipping our students with various skills and strategies and by using plenty of variety in the cultural themes we cover in class.

German in St Munchin’s College commences in First Year where all students do the language for the full year for three periods per week. At the end of First Year, students decide themselves if they would like to continue on with German in 2nd and 3rd year. On completion of the Junior Cycle, students continue with German in Transition Year where we promote the importance of going on a 3 week exchange to a German speaking country and highlight the importance of sitting the Fit in Deutsch Level 1 or Level 2 exam.

We encourage all students of German in our school to  join the German Club which takes place during lunch time once per week, enter the Austrian Embassy German essay competition (prize: a 2 week stay in Salzburg – we had a winner in the past!), enter the Olympiade (prize: a 2 week stay in a German city) and participate in German debating run by the GDI – the German teachers association.

In Senior Cycle, the studying of German is optional and Senior Cycle students have benefited greatly and have thoroughly enjoyed practising their spoken German with the many German Assistants we have had in the past. Our German Assistant in the coming academic year will be joining us from Cologne and we really  look forward to working with her.

If you are currently studying German with us or intend to in the future, the 3 German teachers in St Munchin’s College would like to wish you “Viel Spaß beim Deutschlernen!”

 German Teachers

Ms S Galvin
Ms T Collins
Ms P Lynch
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