Board of Management

Who are the Board of Management?

The Board of Management consist of eight people appointed by the Trustees as follows:

  • By nomination of the Trustees: 4 members
  • By election of parents / legal guardians of children currently in the school: 2 members
  • By election of all the current pro-rata contracted, job-sharing and current full-time teachers who have a contract for 13 weeks or more, on the staff of the school on the date of the election: 2 members.

The current members of the Board of Management are:

Mrs.Marion Cummins – Chairperson

Mr. Flan O’Friel

Fr. Austin McNamara

Mr. Maurice Carr

Mr. Ioannis Zabetakis

Ms. Karen Kiely

Ms. Jackie Ryan

Ms. Liz O’Donoghue

Mr. David Quilter – Secretary