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Subject Summary

Chemistry is a branch of science concerned with the structure and composition of materials and the changing of one substance into another.

Many careers involve knowledge of chemistry- medicine, food science, materials science, engineering (civil, electrical, chemical, electronic, etc.), agricultural science, veterinary science, biotechnology, etc. It opens a wide range of opportunity for later studies at third level making it an excellent subject choice for the leaving certificate.

The most obvious impact of chemistry on our lives is the huge variety of materials that we see all around us. Can you imagine life without modern medicines, synthetic clothes, plastics, petrol, detergents, soap, etc.? Chemistry has made enormous improvements to the quality of our lives and has increased our life expectancy. Chemistry influences our lives more than any other single technology.

The Leaving Certificate chemistry course covers many areas of the subject. It is designed to provide a foundation course in chemistry for those who will continue studies in chemistry or in related subjects at third level. It consists of both theory and practical content. The practical content is very enjoyable and goes as far as to develop important skills in laboratory procedures and techniques.

Chemistry Teachers

Ms S McGeer
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