First Years Honour Mr Loughrey

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English teacher, Coach and all round good guy Ronan Loughrey was blindsided last Friday. Brought to the weights room at small break by Mr O’Brien, Ronan was under the impression that his services as a Strength and Conditioning Officer were required. So it was one of those priceless moments to see his face when he was ambushed by a brigade of first years and many of the teachers who help out with sport here. 
Ronan has been one of several coaches involved with the athletic progress of these lads and it was with great sadness that they said ‘goodbye’ as he is leaving us (reluctantly) to return home to his native Galway. There were speeches and a final rendition of ‘Fiska’, a presentation of a shirt, a photo of this squad and an SMC Teddy. It was SMC Sport’s way of saying ‘Farewell’ to one of our own.
Ronan was a fine hurler before the cruciates, laterals and medials were ravaged. He has coached hurling, rugby and S and C during his half dozen years here. Ronan will no doubt be ambushed again next week when the staff as a group will give him a bigger push, but on Friday it was a Sports Department affair as we recognised his contribution on the pitch and in the gym and on the corridors as the sporting ambitions of the young men in our College are slowly nurtured by teachers like Ronan.
We wish him the best of luck on the playing fields of Athenry.
Our Flag will Fly Forever Ronan