Parent Email re Covid-19 Update

Good afternoon to all Parents/Guardians,

Both the Principal and I want to email all parents to share with you the most recent information and details that we have in relation to a number of positive Covid-19 cases that we have experienced this week.

To date, the school has received notification that since last weekend, 6 of our teachers have been tested positive for Covid-19. This in turn has lead to another 9 teachers been deemed as close contacts and having to self-isolate or restrict their movements for 14 days.We have not been notified of any student case in connection to this but have in co-operation with the Public Health Officials in the HSE been assessing what students or groups of students may need to be looked at in terms of being close contacts.

We, the school and the HSE,  have established, having carried out a detailed analysis of the situation that all TY students and a small number of 1st, 5th & 6th year students have been identified as a possible close contact and therefore, will have to restrict their movements for 14 days and undergo a test in the coming days.

This is not an ideal situation for any member of staff or any student and their family but please be assured that the health & wellbeing of our all our school community has been and is the fundamental element of this school’s overall plan to ensure a safe environment to learn and teach as we continue to manage the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Board of Management having  reviewed  all matters towards the end of this week have decided that due to the large number of teachers absent through self isolation and/or restricted movement and to ensure that we can operate the school as close as possible to normal next week, (and with adequate supervision), the following groups of students will be asked to stay at home for a period of time and work on their school material through TEAMS which will be updated regularly by their teachers:

Monday December 7th: No school for all TYs and 6th Years– School as normal for all other students

Tuesday December 8th:No school for all TYs and 5th Years– School as normal for all other students

Wednesday December 9th:No school for all TYs and 3rd Years-School as normal for all other students

Thursday December 10th: No school for all TYs and 2nd Years– School as normal for all other students

Friday December 11th: No school for all TYs and 1st Years– School as normal for all other students

It is envisaged that all Christmas Exams will continue as planned- timetables have been published on our website homepage.

Kind regards,
Lorraine & David