6th Year Graduation Schedule

Good evening to our 6th year parents. We hope that you are all keeping well. A number of you have been e mailing in relation to our Graduation so this e mail details the arrangements that we have put in place for the 6th year boys Graduation on May 25th. It really is hard to believe that we are communicating about the Graduation given that in our minds (as parents) it’s only like yesterday that the boys started in first year, where have the years gone????


  • Our Graduation mass will take place on Wednesday May 25th at 7:30pm.  
  • Mass will be celebrated by our College Patron, Bishop Brendan Leahy, St Nicholas Church, Westbury.
  • Students should arrive at Westbury church no later than 7:15pm. 
  • This is a very important school event and all students must be in full school uniform (including tie and formal shoes) and present themselves in an appropriate manner. 
  • Family members such as siblings and grandparents are very welcome to attend on the night.  


We will be meeting the 6th year boys at assembly next week and will go through the relevant information with them, but as is always the case we want to ensure that parents know exactly our plan for the boys over the coming weeks.

Formal classes are still going ahead. Timetabled classes will finish on Tuesday May 24th at the end of the school day. On the morning of May 25th (Graduation day) Mr. Barrett, the 6th year head, has requested that the boys are served breakfast in the school canteen at 9:15am and while the boys are sitting having a chat over tea, we will present them with their school photo etc. The boys will receive an SMC goody bag also on the morning of the 25th!!! This will be our opportunity to spend some time with the boys in our own SMC environment, we will say our informal farewells here as the structure of Graduation Mass is understandably formal and we want to have an opportunity to spend time with our boys in  a less formal setting, given that it will be the last time that they sit in the canteen as 6th year students!

Plan for Monday 23rd May to Thursday 2nd June (Some teachers may request specific subject groups to come in for class between Thursday 26th May and Thursday 2nd June, those students will be notified by the relevant teachers).  

  • Monday 23rd-Classes as normal for 6th years
  • Tuesday 24th May– Classes as normal for 6th years
  • Wednesday 25th May-Arrive at College at 9:00am for breakfast (no tutor time), presentations and goody bag!!
  • Thursday 26th May-Stay at home to study
  • Friday 27th May-Stay at home to study
  • Monday 30th May – Stay at home to study
  • Tuesday 31st May-Study centres set up for 6th years from 9am-11am and 11am-1pm. Attendance at this study is totally optional.
  • Wednesday 1st June-Study centres set up for 6th years from 9am-11am and 11am-1pm. Attendance at this study is totally optional.
  • Thursday 2nd June– -Study centres set up for 6th years from 9am-11am and 11am-1pm. Attendance at this study is totally optional.
  • Friday 3rd June– Stay at home to study
Leaving Cert exams commence on Wednesday 8th June at 9:30am. All students need to be in school by 9am at the latest on the morning of Wednesday 8th June, as on the first morning the boys will be allocated their exam centres and this takes extra time.  Students will be in full school uniform throughout the exams.  Thank You to Teachers  
A big thank you to the 6th year head Mr. Barrett, who has helped and supported the boys throughout their senior cycle years. The time and effort invested by Mr. Barrett in meeting the boys on a one to one so as to ensure that they are all doing ok is exemplary. To Mr. Kelly and Ms. Bourke (the boys Junior Cycle year heads ) who made sure that the boys settled in when they first arrived in SMC. To the 6th year tutors Mr. Hynes, Mr. O’ Byrne, Mr. O’ Brien, Ms. Deirdre Collins, Ms. Theresa Collins and Ms. Quilter who were the first teachers the boys met each morning, and who provided support and kindness to the boys when needed. To all the fantastic teachers in SMC (who are mentioned below) for all the work they do both inside and outside the classroom, and the selfless time they invest in the boys. To Mr. Conneely  (Chaplain) who is organising the Graduation Mass as well as doing such a great job as our school chaplain, and who ensures that the Graduation mass is both memorable and inclusive to all each year . To Mr. O’ Neill (career guidance) who has provided support in so many ways to the boys over the years.  To Ms. O’ Sullivan Glynn (who has also supported the boys in many ways throughout their time here) and Ms. Darcy for looking after the music on the night, it’s amazing when you see the boys singing it makes it even more emotional!! To Rita in the kitchen who has made lunches for so many of them when they forgot theirs, or who sowed trousers that were split open in yard!! So many people to thank because taking the boys on their journey to Leaving Cert has to be a group effort.
Best wishes to the Leaving Cert Class of 2022 It really is so hard to believe that the boys have reached 6th year and will soon leave our care. For the boys that time has probably dragged but for us as teachers and for you as parents the time has just flown by. This years Leaving Cert group are so good to acknowledge their worries and fears about the future and are openly honest about the sadness they are feeling about leaving SMC. We totally understand this, simply because many of us feel that sadness too!! The connection between teachers and students in SMC is absolutely unique and is something that we are immensely proud of. We have been asked to explain it and have tried on many occasions to describe this bond to outsiders, but we fail. Only we ( the students and teachers) understand the nuances of that bond, one that is built on a very strong foundation of respect from student to teacher and vice versa.  The important thing for the boys to remember is that we are so proud of them and the gentlemen they have matured into. Many of them experienced bumps along the way or are currently going through bumps but the important thing is they have all made it to Leaving Cert, and are navigating their way through challenges or have already come through difficulties and are now at the other side!! They are all here, all graduating and that in itself is something to celebrate! 
While of course we want them to grow up and move on, that urge for them to mature is tinged with a huge heaviness of heart in that soon they will be moving on and leaving the protective bubble that is St. Munchin’s College. For parent, there will be that apprehension-will he be ok? will college life/course suit him? Will he meet nice people at college or at work? Will they be good to him and look after him if he has an issue?  There are so many worries and concerns that as parents we will have, what we hope as a school that we have taught them over the six years, is to just try your best to be a good person, in the case of our boys they just need to be themselves, and if issues arise keep going back until someone listens to you, never ever keep a problem to yourself. If we have taught them that, then we have taught them such an important life skill.  The boys must remember too, that there is a place for everybody in this world, and there are back doors into all courses nowadays. Academics of course are important as a gateway to the next stage in their lives and there is no doubt but that their teachers have worked so hard to ensure that the academic side of things is on target. We are blessed in SMC with teachers who care for and about their students’ academics as well as their holistic development, and again that is what makes us as a school unique. Academics however are only one aspect of college/work life, your ability to get on with people will determine how happy you are long term in College or the workplace.  Thank you to Parents 
Finally, can we at this point take the opportunity to thank you, the parents. Over the past six years we have found you to be such an open, honest, kind and supportive group of people to deal with. For many, we have come to know you over several years (as your older sons we here with us) and it has genuinely been our pleasure getting to know you all. Some parents will see their youngest child graduate on May 25th and that is their final connection with SMC. We are and always will be here for the boys, so many of them return to us as coaches, students’ teachers, qualified teachers etc. so thankfully the connection remains for many, long after they have left!
Sincere thanks for all you do and have done for SMC, and we look forward to meeting you on May 25th, with plenty of tissues on hand!
Kind regards, David Quilter         Lorraine Shiels      Colm Barrett