Flood Update/ School Resumes as normal on Monday (September 26th)

Good afternoon all parents. Firstly, can we please take this opportunity to thank you all sincerely for the messages/e mails of support, the offers of help and the genuine kindness and concern that we have witnessed over the last 24 hours. The heartfelt kindness shown from all of you and your son’s was overwhelming and humbling. 
It was very upsetting to see the school in such a state on Thursday morning, but with the help and support of our wonderful teachers and ancillary staff, we made great headway yesterday in relation to the clean-up, and from early this morning (Friday) we have had an army of tradesmen on campus, working on the electrics, plumbing and building. 
This work is set to continue throughout today and tomorrow and then on Sunday we will have time to clean the A floor. There were two floors damaged (A+B). There was less damage to the B floor and that has over the past 24 hours, dried out (with the help of industrial dehumidifiers) and all classrooms have been cleaned and reassembled today. 
The A floor is taking a little longer to reassemble, but we’re getting there. The canteen will be inaccessible for the foreseeable future as the ceiling needs to be replaced. To compensate we have moved all canteen furniture and microwaves to the assembly hall, which we will use as a canteen for the next few weeks. Unfortunately, the kitchen attached to the canteen was destroyed in the flood and so we will not be in a position to permit Carambola catering to set up our cashless canteen that was due to commence this Monday (September 26th). Therefore, canteen facilities will be on hold until after the October midterm break. Students will need to bring their own lunches with them to school for the next few weeks. 
As mentioned, we have an army of workers here over the weekend who will be working diligently to ensure that we are up and running safely for Monday morning. So, school resumes for everyone on Monday morning (September 26th ) excluding TY’s who will be on work experience as normal. 
We cannot thank everyone individually and may not get around to responding to all messages and e mails but please know that we are so very grateful to all our teachers, students and to you, their parents. 
There are very few schools that would have students arriving at the door willing to help out in a crisis, like we have had over the past two days, and for that we are more than grateful. 
Have a lovely weekend,
Kind regards,  
David Quilter     Lorraine Shiels